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Carissa + Sean | Union Station & Windy Saddle Engagement Session | Denver Wedding Photographer

Feb 3, 2023

If I had to pick two places to capture both a city feel and nearby mountain views, I’d probably pick the exact two places Carissa and Sean did for their session. Union Station is not only a beautiful place to photograph, but it holds special meaning for Carissa and Sean, which makes it even more perfect.

The sun shined brightly as I pulled up to Union Station. So much so that I have to cover my eyes to look around, but I knew I found them as soon as I saw the cutest couple snuggling up under the nearby tents! We started outside Union Station then braved the crowds and ventured inside. Sean and Carissa were fantastic at blocking out all the people around them and focusing in on each other, which made for some adorable photos!

After a few minutes, we decided that a friendly game of shuffleboard was in store for these two! Little did I know these two are quite competitive, which made for some real bets on who would win and real laughs as they took turns holding the top score.

As the sun got lower in the sky, we wrapped up at Union Station and drove out to Golden to capture photos in the opposite environment – surrounded by beautiful mountain views. Windy Saddle Park is no doubt a beautiful place, but it does not have the best parking lot. It only holds a small number of cars but we were lucky to both get spots. Sean and Carissa hopped out of the car excited to continue taking photos in their new outfits, which were perfect for this setting!

As we were wrapping up, a family sat down behind us to watch the sunset. I didn’t think much of it, but after we took the last photo, they clapped and congratulated Sean and Carissa, which was the best way to end our time together!

They are getting married later this year in Wisconsin but I’m so glad they choose me to capture this exciting time while they were in Denver. I wish you both nothing but the best!

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